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Ayatt Drera

Varsity Football team support each others on the sidelines

Brandie Smith & Stephanie Sika, Sports Writers

Overland football trailblazers beat Central High School by a score of 30-6 on Friday the 13th, homecoming night. The game was full of nothing but excitement with everyone standing up and on the edge of their seats cheering them on. Senior, Mesuna Tekle, commented and said that he feels the team will come out with a homecoming win.“Yes I do believe that we can win, we have put in so much from being at practice 2 times a day over the summer, to 3 hour practices now,” said Tekle. We are hoping to expect another win from these boys Thursday Sept. 19th, against Fossil Ridge @7:00 pm at Stutler Bowl Stadium. Let’s make this comeback Blazers!