Cover Your Cameras

Hillary Moreno, Reporter

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you over the phone? The devices that we use in our daily lives carry many apps that could be used to spy on us. Many of us know that hackers, the government, or even curious exes can gain access to our phones and our most private information. In the news lately, you may have read that our phones are capable of recording us without our consent. To avoid this, all you need is a piece of tape. So why is it that we never cover our cameras?

Walking around the school or looking in your classroom, you can see that most students at Overland High School don’t cover their phone or computer cameras. They either don’t feel the need to or they just don’t care. 

But those who don’t care need to start caring because with the advancement of technology comes many mistakes. The most common way for a phone to get infected is downloading an app from an untrusted source. This is an easy way for hackers to take a quick peek at you and get the information they need. Another example is the FaceTime bug which lets you face time anyone, and hear the audio coming from their phone before the person on the other end accepts the call. When I brought up the topic of the IOS significant bug that was discovered in FaceTime and spreading virally over social media, students thought it was “creepy,” but it didn’t concern them. “I honestly don’t care if people watch me,” said Daniah, an Overland High School student.

This doesn’t apply to all students, Katelyn, a junior at Overland, said she covers her camera because she feels paranoid. “I feel like the government is watching me and it scares me because your identity could be used for any purpose.” This is very true, our identity is already out there, especially with social media. For example, companies like Google or Facebook have trackers on their website which explains why they already know your search history. “Sometimes my phone or computer glitches and that scares me.” Katelyn continues to say. You never know who’s watching you or going through your stuff. 

So what can you do about this? There are many simple ways of covering your camera and anything helps. For example, using tape, specific designed cases, and webcam covers. With the help of these acquired protections you’ll be able to live your life peacefully and go on with you day to day activities without fear.