Blazer Quiz

Hillary Moreno, Reporter

What type of Blazer are you?

Take this Quiz to find out…..


How would you describe your school spirit?






How much overland gear do you own?

1>Only one shirt 

2>I could wear one everyday of the week

3>Not even one

4>Too many. I lost count 


Do you go to school activities? 

1>I’ve gone to one event 

2>I  go to most activities 

3>Don’t even know what that is

4>I go to every activity 


What’s your favorite thing to do after school?

1>Be at school and just chill

2>Hang out with friends 

3>Go home

4>Participate in school activities


What colors do you wear the most?

1>Black or white

2>Bright colors

3>Light colors

4>Green and blue 


When you go to a school game, what do you do?

1>Sit and watch

2>Stand up and cheer

3>I don’t go to games

4>Scream and yell



Now add up your score to see what type a Blazer you are

  1. The student Blazer (6-10) You don’t show much school spirit and you need to go to more school functions 
  2. The too cool for school Blazer (11-15) You show a little bit of school spirit but you dont wanna show it
  3. The hype Blazer (16-19) Proud to be a blazer and hype of the crowd
  4. The super Trailblazer (20-24) You take pride in your school and love having school spirit. Go Blazers!