to my next girlfriend

Camron Ramirez

hey, i’m cam

i don’t know how i feel about zodiac signs 

but i’m a cancer 

i guess that’s means i’m somewhat emotional 

i don’t like brussel sprouts but that’s about the only thing that i won’t eat

you’re beautiful 

i tend to reiterate things when i mean them

you’re beautiful 

i would consider myself artistic and i love music 

i spend most of the time in the day overthinking and analyzing every possible thing

so i apologize if me asking all my questions gets annoying 

i’m pretty weird 

but i’m learning to love that about myself

i got a big head

and it’s gets in the way sometimes

i don’t really like to party

but i do like to enjoy myself every now and then with the right people 

i’m a people person

but they tend to annoy me

i’m a big contradiction 

but i’m hoping you’ll learn to love that

as i am learning to 

my heart is fragile 

but i love unconditionally 

some days i want to be spontaneous and take risks 

other days i just want to smell candles and dance around in your room

i hate watching movies alone

but i do it anyway

i tend to keep my eyes on the prize so if you ever catch me staring 

i hope you smile back 

as humans we adapt 

so change is a regular and necessary part of life

in this relationship change is going to happen

whether this relationship lasts until marriage or doesn’t last at all

i don’t want you thinking close mindedly 

i want you to understand going into this that it’s more than just an effort

it’s a commitment 

we will have our days that are filled with hatred 

but we will have our days filled with laughter 

there will be some days where we just won’t like each other 

but the love will always remain

i hope we use our lungs for singing disney songs in the car 

rather than using them to hurt one another   

i want us the be the outliers in today’s temporary society