It has come to our attention that we made mistakes in the Scout Magazine, Volume 41. Issue 1.  We apologize for these mistakes and will continue to strive to put out the best quality news we possibly can. We appreciate your patience as we are a fully student-run production and are learning too.

1. The photo cover should be credited to Liyanos Abate.

2. Pages 12-13 were designed by Omayra Sanchez with inspiration from Jamiah Smith-Douglas.

3. The #Me Too Movement art on page 15 was by Daniah Elgomati.

4. Page design and photos by Liyanos Abate and Vanessa Ballines.

5. Though, our biggest ‘oopsie’ was on pages 22-23, where Akira Moulands is labeled as female.  Please check out Akira’s art under the A&E tab in the story, “Journalism Mistake Equals a Chance for You to See More Great Art,” on ohsnews.net.