Fall Play Review

Hillary Moreno, Reporter

I enter the auditorium on Saturday, October 26, to watch the 2019 school year play. I went in not knowing what the show was about and with low expectations. I find a seat and the first thing I noticed was the set. There were wagons in the background and a train to give the allusion of an actual train yard. There was one home and one chamber placed on opposite sides on the stage. They were both decorated beautifully. It was all very detailed and there was always changes going on. I like that they did that because it gave the audience more to look at. The props were amazing, one of my favorite things was the picture of Mr. Lundie, our principal last year, hung up on the wall. It reminded me of him and how he’s missed. Every aspect put together made the 2-hour show worth the watch. Being a part of the tech crew for the past 3 years, I know this takes a lot of work, hours, and dedication. So round of applause to everyone who helped.

The show begins by asking the audience to participate in the show when signs are held up. They asked us to laugh, cheer, boo, and hiss while we watched. This was my first time going to a melodrama so it was very interesting, I loved feeling like I was a part of it. A lot of people said this play, “Love Rides the Rails,” was their favorite, and that surprised me. I guess I would have to say it was hard for me to adjust from the amazing plays from last year. How are we going to go from Hamlet and Raisin in the Sun, to this play? All though it wasn’t one of my favorite shows, it was actually very good, very entertaining, and I would go watch it again. The actors were amazing, creative, passionate, and very professional. That’s one of the things Overland actors do the best when given a role, they really do portray it as best as they can. My top two favorite actors were Asher Wolf as Simon Darkway and Wray Szenderski as Fifi. They really took their characters to the next level. They killed it with their expressions and delivered it very well. They’re acting skills were amazing and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.

I randomly asked students around the school what they thought about this year’s production and they all said they loved it. A senior at Overland, Jennifer Villa said: “Everything was portrayed perfectly and the actors looked like they were having fun.” I would have to agree with her. They stood on the stage with confidence and you can tell they all enjoy what they do. The number one thing students have all said about the show was that it was extremely funny. I think the jokes were alright, but that was probably the whole point of it, having “dad jokes.” The funniest thing was when Asher and Travis danced on stage. It truly gave everyone a good laugh and no one was expecting that from them. I sure wasn’t. As I talked to Renat Mohammed, one of the extras of the show, she said: “It was different and something I’ve never done before, so it was a challenge, but I’m glad I pulled it off.” And truly I would have to say they successfully accomplished that. Overall, I think the play choice was something new, a different style. The audience especially got to see something different than they normally do.  I think it was hard to understand at first but once you keep watching you get the hang of it all. It was an excellent production and I can’t wait for the musical.