My Average Friday

Rayya Hobbs, Reporter

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Daniah Elgomati

Daniah Elgomati

     An average Friday for me is waking up to attend school then going to attend work afterwards. I know that this sounds really boring, but that’s my life. My favorite part of my Friday on December 6th was going to school on an A day because those are my best classes, of course, I talked to my friends and coworkers and it was a blast but knowing I would write this December 6th response I hoped my Friday would turn out better than boring and average.

If you thought that my day couldn’t get any more boring wait until you hear about what happened after I got home from work at 10:00 pm. When I arrived at home I turned on the tv and worked on missing work, my physics roller coaster project, and took NyQuil so I could get over a cold and fall asleep. This was my entirely boring average day.