Day in the Life of My Neighbor

Meron Abebe, Reporter

It was almost becoming a habit to see my neighbor rushing her two kids out of the door to the car with her husband, who stands and watches. She would hold two princess backpacks and her black purse dangling off her arm. Give a quick wave in the direction of my parents when she has finally managed to strap them in and drive off.

Today when I stepped out she was almost in the car about to drive off. Her kids were strapped in and her pink purse matched her makeup. Her smile seemed brighter and she looked a lot happier than she had in the past two months.

Her divorce is finalized, and today she woke up at 6 and got herself and her two kids ready. She will drive her kids to school then head to work. And after work, she will pick up her kids, and we will get home around the same time. She will wave again with the same smile she had on this morning as if a second hadn’t passed since we last saw each other. My mom and she will share a few words. Tonight she will make dinner for herself and her kids and before we hear any yelling or shattering it’s time for them to get ready to get some rest and repeat it all over again.
Maybe she was happy this morning because she escaped her toxic marriage regardless of the stigma divorce holds in our church and Ethiopian community. She carries herself differently and appears taller, she has a new sense of independence and strength she found in protecting herself and her children without the help of anyone.