Day In The Life at The ‘O’

Bariquinn Deeyaa, News Editor

Bariquinn Deeyaa

 Finals, am I right? The struggle is real, but not because of the actual test-taking. Some teachers know how to bring stress levels up without even trying, those that do try seem to take pride in crushing a students’ 89.9% spirit right at the end of the semester. During such a stressful time of the year, it feels like there’s no relief, from school, from social life, or the world. I digress, this is mostly just gonna be about my day, which is only a 2 weeks away from finals, so a great day so see what I mean with the teacher thing. 

My day started with going to the library dor my off period, where I usually do the work for AP World that I procrastinated since the 2 days from when it was assigned. This day, in particular, I had completed my work, so I met up with a friend to grab some coffee from 7-Eleven like the Gen X teens we are. My favorite choice is always a caramel macchiato, while hers is a mixture of hot chocolate and hazelnut creamer. Now energized with sugar and spice, I headed to AP World History, which I have no pictures of since Mr. Kleinsasser decided to lecture in the dark for half the class, thanks for that! :/ 
My lunch consisted of chips and the contemplation of my future, along with death and the fear of the unknown and the detriment of my self-confidence to everything I aspire to do…. But I digress, lunch was pretty quiet as I only talk to 2-5 about twice a week. On an unrelated note, I don’t eat when stressed or upset, because I can focus more on the 40-page review packet I received for Chemistry, such understanding staff. Hunger in a sense motivates me to do the work, so I can relax after a meal without worrying about my AP notes or studying for my math final.

A newspaper is my 3A class and I love so much. I’m so grateful for the communicative, kind, and committed OHS Scout Staff this year, as well as our new advisor, Dr. G. Pretty chilled the rest of the day, the struggle is real.