A Day In My Life

Ebony Carter, Reporter

I checked my email this morning while I was sitting on the couch waiting for my Mom to come and take me and my siblings to school. It was nothing out of the ordinary; just emails from scholarship companies, shopping websites, colleges trying to recruit, a few facebook notifications, and then other random little things.

First period was no different from any other first period on an A day: my geology teacher went on and on about rocks and everything else that we “ needed to know” about geology. Meanwhile, I was writing down a list of things that I needed to do today even though they probably won’t get done just like every other day. Thank God for bells because that dismissed the torture for that day. Man, how pointless is science.

Second period was math: the class the would literally make or break my college opportunities; so I thought. We learned about matrices and I was at full attention this period because I could not risk letting my GPA drop any lower than the 3.5 I have at the moment. I struggled and struggled through but this was definitely the class that taught me my perseverance in life.

Third period was like a breath of relief for me; I was able to just write and write. I did what I did best for 90 minutes straight. Minus the time I took to eat, talk, daydream, mill the halls and everything else I do during 3rd period. Dr.G reminded us that we are writing the December 6th story. I kept going back and forth between ideas on what I was going to write about. My initial idea was to just write about when I was with Ms. Zana and how we watched videos about racist white women who thought they were suddenly landlords and could tell innocent black people they had no right to be on certain housing properties. I was going to write about how it didn’t piss me off as much because my grade in geology skyrocketed! 

I didn’t go to fourth period today because I was going makeup work in the Post Grad center. I did my usual homework, college work, and then trying to magically get my life together- all in 90 minutes. Real realistic right?

I was so happy to jump in the back seat of my dad’s car and go home and NOT have to work today. I like working at Starbucks but honestly sometimes it is a real drag. I did my normal routine of watching TV, eating a snack, and laughing with my sister for about an hour before I went to my room and did the minimal amount of homework I had to do to be ready for the next day. Fast forward to about 10:50 pm this night. I was on my bed just scrolling on ROMWE wondering what cute clothes I would buy this haul. Then a couple minutes later I opened a few more tabs; one for Facebook, one for my grades, and the last one for my school email. I closed the ROMWE tab because I had realized that my spending habits on that site had passed excessive. I checked my grades and thought to myself they probably weren’t going to change at 10:50 at night. I went through my emails and dismissed automatically the ones about the scholarships I get every day, the college recruitment emails, facebook notifications and the ones that I get every day faithfully. But I noticed one from the CRM Admin and the subject read, “Your decision letter is ready to view…”. I got very anxious and nervous because this would be either my first college acceptance or denial. So I did everything I had to do to view the letter and I was delighted to read, “Congratulations on your acceptance to Morgan State University!” 

Thus, today was not just any normal day- today was that day that it was made clear to me that I do indeed have a future that is coming whether I am ready or not. This changed the way that I approach everyday and everything that I am to do that day. I put a little extra effort into it all because opportunities will come and go; they won’t pause for me. It is my responsibility to make sure that I am ready for anything and everything that comes my way.