Day in The Life of My Thoughts


Darhell Akitani Bob, Reporter

The alarm clock kept ringing as I blindly attempted to press the snooze button on its surface. As I open my eyes and began to rise out of bed reluctantly, barely ready to begin a new day. As I walk into the basement bathroom to shower and brush my teeth, I made sure to take notice of the dwindling amount of toothpaste left in the tube and made a mental note to get more from my father later in the week.

As I left the house, I was disappointed in the amount of snowfall so far and hoped that we would not have a cold and snowless Christmas like the year before, as the dismal weather ended ruining the feeling of Christmas cheer with its very sight, and I despaired at the thought that I had forgotten to find my missing gloves, and I started the long trek towards school.
The school day passed like a blur and I barely noticed the passing of the day, trapped in my own stupor, until I decided to check my grades when I returned home, and I was met with a horrible surprise, my A+ in English had suddenly decreased to a C, and the thought of my mom finding out made me shudder, so I made plans to go visit my English teacher the very next day and silently went to my room to go finish my notes for my AP human geography class.