Update: CCSD unanimously votes against Bennish

Mari Davis, Reporter


Earlier this month, Cherry Creek School District held a board meeting to determine the fate of Overland’s infamous teacher, Jay Bennish. The meeting had a very high turnout, which could be due to the distribution of bright green flyers (pictured) in campus parking lots and on the corner of Peoria and Pacific (just off campus). 

Flyers distributed to students, asking for support at the board meeting determining Bennish’s fate.

These flyers implored students to attend, or ask their parents to attend, the board meeting which determined Bennish’s fate. Whether these flyers were created by students or Bennish himself is still unknown. 

One of Bennish’s flyers on a car in the Overland parking lot.

At the meeting, which occurred Monday, February 10th at 7:00 pm, despite the amount of

support for Bennish, CCSD voted to acknowledge the receipt of the recommendation to fire him, despite his position as a tenured teacher. 


A parent, in support of Bennish, told the board that Bennish “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.” 


In another statement to the board, a teacher who chose to remain anonymous said, “The courage it takes to stand as a white man in front of African American students and tell them what’s right, the kind of courage it takes to do that. I’m appalled that you would even consider terminating this man.” 


More updates will be published as new information comes out.