Student Arrested and Charged for Posting Threat On Snapchat

Mari Davis, Reporter

Last week, a phone message was sent to the parents of Overland High School/Prairie Middle School students to assure families that the campus is safe after a 12-year-old boy posted a threat of gun violence to Snapchat. The boy who posted this threat has been arrested and charged with interference of faculty/staff/students of an educational institute and disorderly conduct.

The Scout conducted interviews with a few students about the student’s actions and whether or not he deserved to be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor and a class 1 petty offense.

In our first interview, with freshman Carter Himebaugh, he stated, “If you post something like that and you don’t expect a consequence, getting in that degree of trouble is just what you get. I think he should be sentenced to some time in juvie, and maybe some community service too to make sure that he doesn’t make the same mistake again.”

Another freshman, Quinci O’Brien, added, “I think it’s really scary that a 12-year-old thought he needed to do something like that for whatever reason, and that threatening violence is never the right path to take.”

Ximena Guzman added, “His actions truly show us how fond America is of capitalizing on and being very fond of guns, and how our government does nothing to stop children from believing that gun violence is okay.”

A Prairie 8th grader, who’s name we can’t disclose due to her age, added, “I think his actions were really stupid and that the kid didn’t think before he acted. He deserves to be in trouble for what he said so that he knows not to do the same thing again.”

Concerning the issue, senior Jade Upchurch added, “The student should not be sentenced to jail time, because that’s overkill. I do think that he should be given access to proper mental health services, though.”

This story is a very subjective issue, and as readers, you can feel free to sound off in the comments about your personal opinion of the matter.