The New School Year is Here

Ayatt Drera, Vincent Liebchen, and Doc G

The new school year is here. No one is ready, that’s the truth and we know it, but the new staff for the 2019-2020 school year is here to keep you on track and in check with all the new information.

This year the Scout really wants to focus on the school and incorporate the students in the newspaper as well. For instance, we are asking you, the students, to submit your paintings, drawings, doodles, photos, plays, monologues, and anything you want. Submit all work to: [email protected]. We’re also opening an advice column where you can send us your questions anonymously and we’ll answer them truthfully and with all the information we can.

We are also dedicating ourselves to speaking the truth and staying unbiased and making sure Overland is represented in every single story. We are focusing on the strengths and hopeful changes in our school. Overland is filled with greatness but there is always room to grow. We are focusing our year on celebrating our differences while acknowledging the challenges we face.

The Scout has been lucky to have an award winning adviser for the last 25 years with Mrs. Varble. We are now starting a new chapter with a new advisor. Everyone in the class is both excited and a little nervous to revamp the way an entire newsroom operates.

Our news and sports coverage will now be on our new website which will be updated weekly on: Our print version will be led in a more sustainable format in that we will have opinions, features, and your submissions in the print.

We’re back in full force and ready to give you the newspaper you deserve. We look forward to an amazing year of change and progress. We hope you will join us on this exhilarating journey.                                                                                              


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