Is it ping-pong? Is it soccer? No it’s Teqball!

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Brandie Smith, Sports writer

 Teqball, is a new and extraordinary sport that has taken the world by storm for its originality and uniqueness. You may ask, what is it? And why is it so important? Just ask world renowned soccer legend Lionel Messi, who loves the sport. This sport was created in Hungary in 2014, but this sport is just now gaining attention. According to the main creator and co-founder of this indoor/outdoor sport is Gabor Borsanyi, who retired from playing professional soccer at a young age and invented Teqball as the “cleanest form of football.”

This sport is played with a soccer ball on a Teqball table. Which looks like a curved pinball table. This keeps the feel of soccer by only using the feet to kick this soccer ball over to the other side for the opponent to return. But the challenge of this sport is that it’s two versus two players, who are given a limited amount of three kicks each time the ball comes back to them from the opposite side. Sounds a little like volleyball too right? If the group doesn’t get the ball over the netted Teqball table, then the opponent gets a point. 

Mr. Griesel, the women’s soccer coach at Overland High School, commented “I saw it on youtube and read about it but I didn’t know that was the name of it. I thought it was called something else”. This shows that Teqball is entertaining, but it is not well known. Followed by another comment saying, “ I’ve seen some boys playing a silly version of Teqball on a ping pong table.” 

 This sport was and created to have the overall fun of soccer while keeping players more safe. If you want to learn more about these founders of this unique sport and want to watch or see some photos of this sport press on link: to learn more, under the sports section of the website.