Pros and Cons Block Schedules

Abigail Mengesha and Meron Abebe

Overland High School’s schedule is comprised of four class periods per day. We end up with a block schedule which creates an A-day, B-day schedule. There are both negative and positive aspects to having this structure. For some students, having a class every other day is beneficial because you get more time to do assignments and study for tests. But for some students they would prefer to have all their classes in one day because it gives them shorter class periods.

A block schedule with four classes a day has ninety minute class periods, which can sometimes be an ineffective way of teaching. Most highschool student’s attention spans last about 10-20 minutes. 

 Students have to refocus repeatedly, and get distracted depending on other factors such as, their home lives, and other subjects they are learning about. Block schedules break off continuous learning, and makes it easier to forget the lessons that are being taught, due to the lack of constant enforcement. 

However the pros outweigh the cons that come with block schedule teaching. Students are learning and dedicating longer periods of time on one subject. The long classes mean less of them in one day, leading to spaced out tests and assignment due dates. All contributing to students feeling calmer and being able to successfully complete their school year.