Dangers of White Victimhood: University Admissions

Stephanie Sika, SCOUT Staff

According to an NPR poll, fifty-Five percent of white Americans believe that other white Americans are subject to just as much discrimination as African-Americans and other minorities. This is not true. Minorities face racial discrimination and bias almost everyday in America in comparison to their white majority counterparts. However, white Americans who believe they suffer just as much or more, are suffering the victimhood complex.  Although this may not come to be such a shock, white supremacists believe that the civil rights movement has tipped the balance in favor of minority groups. Some white people in America feel so attacked that they created the National Association for the Advancement of White People to counter the long running National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP). To top that off the group (NAAWP) stated that the NAACP “promotes racial discrimination by seeking discriminatory policies against white people in employment, promotions, scholarships, and in college and union admittance.” 

Bias against whites in university admissions isn’t a new idea and has been a thought for years now, but is it warranted? Are white people applying to universities actually under attack? The question here is if race-conscious policies level the playing field or do they give black students an unfair advantage over whites? There are various studies, research, and articles that can prove that white folks tend to get a better education than people of color. Race-conscious policies in universities are only closing the large gap that has been placed upon minorities throughout their lives in the American education system. In order to receive a larger band of opinions, I conducted a poll on Instagram asking if “ Race Conscious Policies Leveled the playing field or give blacks/ POC an unfair advantage regarding college and university admissions.” 80% of poll takers said that it leveled the playing field and 20% said that it gave an unfair advantage. From the results of this poll, a majority believes that it levels the playing grounds in the still oppressive- still unfair education system in America. Most systems in the United States are all constructed and made for and in favor of whites in America- the education system included. People are waking up and realizing that their black and brown counterparts do not receive the same advantages that whites may receive and thus put this policy into place. White people should not feel attacked because of this reason. If they do then they may need to ask themselves how far their privilege takes them in the U.S and if any person of color could experience those said advantages.