Soccer men come out as champs once again!


Sebastian Reyes

vanessa ballines, sports editor

Another amazing win for these Overland soccer boys against Vista Peak, with a score of 6-1. With the momentum coming from their recent win against Hinkley (7-1), it helped these boys come out strong throughout the first half and continue to do so the rest of the game. “ We were able to keep the winning streak on, so now we’re 2-2 and we came out strong, got a few goals in the first half, which boosted our confidence to keep getting more and more the rest of the game”, said senior Benyam Yifru, attacking mid and forward. He also commented, “Our major mistake is that the first two games we lost, we did not come out strong we kind of waited but that didnt work because the other team scored and it killed our confidence. But now were working on coming out 100% every time”. Thankfully, these varsity men came out strong against Vista Peak and defeated them. Lets keep that momentum for Saturday’s game Trailblazers!