Dodgeball: Soccer team takes the wins

The winning team of the dodgeball game, poses with their trophy.

Kristy Nguyen

The winning team of the dodgeball game, poses with their trophy.

Meron Abebe and Hilary Moreno, Sports writer

                Overland starts their homecoming week with a DodgeBall game on Monday, between the students and staff. It was a brilliant way to start the week. The atmosphere was fun and set off an exciting mood for the following games throughout the week. There was a large turn out in student and staff players and people that came to support Overland. There were many teams present. We got the chance to interview some of the champions on the winning team, as well as some from the losing teams.

            Daniah Elgomati, senior, said “The teachers hit me with a ball,” still shocked and laughing at the memory. It was different to compete with teachers since they weren’t acting like they usually do in their strict classroom environment. When asked about the game Albert, the security guard at Overland said, “What about it… we lost.” It was his first time playing dodgeball at Overland and said he would do it again because it was overall “a fun great time, with a great squad.”

The winning team was more willing to describe the game in detail. Mr. Henderson, a dean at Overland threw a “rocket” at senior Abdi Abade who dodged it with his backflips, in that moment Beneyam Yifru took out the dean and told him “now I tell you when to leave!” Senior, Luqman Abdurashid concluded with “it was fun but we need a better competition cause that was too easy.”  Mr. Henderson, from the losing team, balanced everything with telling us it was an “excellent, excellent game even though it sucks we lost.”