Recap of Spirit Bus 2019


Liyanos Abate

Trey the Trailblazer greets some elementary school students.

Rayya Hobbs and Mari Davis

Every year during Homecoming week, Overland High School students that participate in clubs, sports, marching band, and color guard gather together to show their Blazer pride on the spirit bus. 

If some may not know, the spirit bus is an event where club representatives and other important students energize the students who attend feeder elementary schools with performances by the band, cheerleading squad, and colorguard. 

Spirit Bus would not be possible without the band, the conductors Tyler Solomon and Febriany Pohan, the amazing color guard, Maddison Meverden, and the band teacher, Ryan Monarch and the coach for the cheerleading squad. 

Though it was a fun time, there are some things that the staff and students could do to improve the experience for everybody. It was often confusing what our roles were at each stop.  It would be beneficial for staff to let students know exactly what is expected of us at each school.  We also believe that we could have stretched the performances out a little more because it seemed that everything was a little rushed. 

A solution to this is as simple as offering every participant a schedule, including a clubs’ role at each school and what order each school would be visited in, if possible. There were multiple times where students had no idea what school they were walking through. We also suggest a practice day, where the participants could learn where they needed to be in the lines and what to say ahead of time, along with which bus they would need to get on. This would also help fix many issues of running overtime or being too ahead of schedule, and not being able to go all the way around the school, if every group knows where they’re supposed to be and when.

The spirit bus is a very important tradition here at Overland that should continue with every student that participates experience during homecoming week. Spirit Bus would be better if a few adjustments were made to improve everyone’s experience for Homecoming Spirit week of 2020. Go Blazers!