29 Movies/ Shows You Need to Watch For The 29 Days of Black history Month (In No Particular Order)

Stephanie Sika, Reporter

February 25, 2020

1.)The color purple 2.)Roots 3.)Crooklyn 4.)When they See Us 5.)12 Years a Slave 6.)Blackkklansman 7.)Moonlight 8.)The 13th 9.)Hidden Figures 10.)Boys ‘N The Hood 11.)Malcolm X 12.)The Pursuit of Happyness 13.)Set...

Fall Play Review

Hillary Moreno, Reporter

November 13, 2019

I enter the auditorium on Saturday, October 26, to watch the 2019 school year play. I went in not knowing what the show was about and with low expectations. I find a seat and the first thing I noticed was the set. There were wagons ...

K-Pop Sensation BTS’ Might Be Leaving the Scene Due To Korean Government

Barquinn Deeyaa, Writer & News Editor

October 23, 2019

K-pop, or Korean Pop, has taken the world by storm, most synonymous with the international sensation BTS. Bangtan Sonyeondan or Beyond The Scene is a 7-member K-pop group that has arguably paved the way for other hit groups ...

Journalist Mistake Equals A Chance For You To See More Great Art

Vincent Liebchen, Editor

October 21, 2019

I'm sure all of you have heard the saying "no one is perfect."  Just like everyone else, journalists aren't exempt from this rule. As I'm sure you heard, I really screwed up in the most recent issue of the Scout. I misgendered...

Mr. OHS, Asher Wolf, performing during the competition.

Mr. OHS Photo Gallery

September 18, 2019

Come Join Us!

Come Join Us!

August 20, 2019

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