You can delete posts, but likes are forever

Mari Davis, Reporter

November 13, 2019

Everybody’s heard the phrase at least once in their lives - “The internet is forever.” You can delete a post on Instagram, you can set your Snapchat story to private, but screenshots and archives last forever. One of the things...

Music and Mental Health

Ebony Carter, Writer

November 5, 2019

When I was inpatient at various mental health hospitals, one thing I could always say I liked across the board no matter the facility was the music therapy. This was always the type of therapy that lifted my soul and truly spoke...

I’m still indecisive

Rayya Hobbs, Reporter

October 25, 2019

My entire life people have been telling me that I'm indecisive but I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it. Whether or not I am, I know that I'm not the only one. Did you know that about 56% of the world's population consider...

The History of The Flat Earth Society

Darhell Akitani Bob, Reporter

October 23, 2019

For most of humanity's history, we have known that the earth is round and not flat.The earliest documented mention of the spherical Earth concept dates from around the 5th century BC, when it was mentioned by ancient Greek phil...

Are students getting enough sleep?

Rayya Hobbs, Reporter

September 16, 2019

According to Overland Health teacher Carter Kruger “teens brains are still developing until 25 years old so, teens need 9 to 11 hours of sleep if they want to continue to develop properly.” This raises the question: are students...

How school lunches can be fixed

Darhell Akitani Bob, Staff

September 10, 2019

On any normal day at Overland, hundreds of students flood out of the building heading out to buy themselves lunch mainly to avoid having to consume the food served in the cafeteria. Meanwhile the ones that stay on campus often complain about ...